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Sudler@Home Features

Website Security - SSL [Secure Sockets Layer] is the first layer of security for the Sudler@Home website. All pages in the resident section of the website use SSL when transmitting data to and from the server.

Self-Registration - Any resident in a building managed by Sudler Property Management may self-register to enter the restricted portion of the website. At registration a resident automatically receives registration information and login information by email.

Lost Password - A registered owner who forgets their UserID/Password will automatically receive an email with their UserID and Password after verification of original registration.

Remove Registration - A registered user may remove their registration at any time. This is particularly useful when a wrong email address was entered during the registration process and the UserID/Password was never received.

Assessment Charges - Recurring and one-time charges are shown with the amount, the start date, the end date and the last payment date. These summaries are available for all Sudler-managed properties owned by the resident. This page also has the date and amount of the last payment processed and the current balance.

Assessment History - Detailed history is online for up to the previous 14 months (less if a new owner). These summaries are available for all Sudler managed properties owned by the resident.

Online SNAPP Application - If a resident chooses to participate in SNAPP, online sign up is available.

Assessment Statements by Email - A resident may optionally sign up to receive assessment statements by email rather than by snail-mail.

Self Management/About You - Registered users can manage their own account on the "About You" page: Email, Password & Payment Notification can be changed by the User.

Payment Notification - Registered owners automatically receive email as their assessment payment is processed - the notification has date, amount and current balance. A resident also has the option to opt out of receiving the Payment Notification.

Online Payments - Registered owners can make their assessment payments online.


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